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Fleur du Cap big whoo hah

So, last night was the Fleur du Cap awards and I suppose, this being the second one I have ever attended in my life, I am in a great position to…compare it to last year! And in comparison, it wasn’t too fantastic. It was held at The Baxter this year. So, it was very glamorous entering, and that’s about it. The award ceremony started about an hour late. The inside skinner is that the lighting guy lost all his cues and had to re-programme the whole show. Argus traffic and Eskom in general were blamed by Alan Committie, the emcee and winner of the Best Actor award.

Alan Committie emceeing and Evita Bezuidenhout handing out the prizes (in a different outfit every time. I couldn’t help wonder how many dressers were back stage to quick change.) was the funnest part of the ceremony. My biggest disappointment was that A Circus Side Show, nominated in three different categories, didn’t win a thing. My hugest disappointment was for my friend, colleague and hero Graham Weir, who was nominated twice in a category and didn’t win. He has been an also-ran 8 times now. Eish.

So, I know I am biased, partisan, whatever, but I need to know. If all the judges don’t see a show, how can that show win an award? And, now that I’ve said it I’m going to let it go. Gone.

The ‘good idea at the time award’ of The People’s Choice backfired horribly with internettie voters voting a show in with nobody at the awards to receive it. Hau!

Amanda Tiffin and her band who played in the foyer were the best part of the ‘party’ which was gloomy and dispersed and chaff chaff Oscars, with the winners in the "media lounge" which was the Baxter Bar for Hamlet’s sake and the non winners getting drunk and smoking outside. The food was miserable too, with salads and stir fry being handed out, and starving actors crowding around tables for bread and dip. Sies.

We left before the thing got messy. The great part of the party is the wine and bubbly from sponsor Distell.

I had twisted Big Friendly’s arm to come as my date this year. And I was sorry it wasn’t totally fabulous.

I am sure the winners will be all over the press and there are no real surprises there (except for Peter Hayes maybe, as best performer in a One Hander. Well done, Pete.) I did overhear the management boss of one of the theatres (the one we were at, nudge nudge wink wink) tell somebody "we won!" And I was left thinking, "Yup. I suppose you did!"


O t’ hell oh


Most hectic


  1. megan

    I heard last night that there was Sushi and oysters upstairs! Missed that! damn!

  2. Yeah Megan, you kind of got the floor levels mixed up……I think it was on 2nd level that the Sushi buffet was served and, needless to say, it was absolutely magnificent!

    The other level’s food fare was for another event at the other theater, same building.

    Bummer! Anyway, my band had fun performing at that event, it was a bit different to the normal screaming crowds we usually play for, somewhat more civilized, and I do agree that Distell really made the evening enjoyable.

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