pictures-of-you-when-worlds-collide-300x200 We went to the opening of Pictures of You at The Baxter Studio last night. It was awesome. FTH/K are just managing to up their game on every level from a marketing,networking, support and awareness point of view and it’s very exciting to see.

I had a major, secret reservation about seeing the show for a second time; I saw it last year at Out The Box, and I very rarely see a show more than once, but I had nothing to worry about. I loved it more. But definitely understood it less! This time it didn’t matter though. I sat back and marvelled at the two performers, their magnificent focus, control and commitment. I listened to the amazing sound and watched the brilliant lighting and imagery. I was awed by the masterful direction. I loved the magical masks.

Please read my last review here; just go to the page and scroll down a bit, for an in depth review that expressed what I thought and felt. It’s still all true. Only better.

Big Friendly loved it too. He just thought that it was ten minutes too long. I love how he can express that kind of stuff in half a sentence.

So, I really think everybody should see this one. I also know for sure that they have many special deals; two for ones, cheap nights, special Valentine’s things on the go. So find out and get there. It really is amazing, truly original, inspiring and moving theatre.