I have only just got back from a long celebration of my birthday (a full 10 days of celebrating actually) and I am now having to come to terms with the fact that two of my closest friends have left the country. Candice left 5 weeks ago to join her husband in Melbourne, Oz, and Jaci and her husband Gys left early this week to start a brand new adventure of life in NYC.

It is a very different world these days, where contact around the globe is easy and immediate. Candice and I had an hour long Skype session yesterday, and I even know what her apartment looks like. Jaci Whatsapped me from the metro, and Facebook messaged me from Times Square. I see photos of their new lives, and can even read about them in blogs and long posts on Facebook. But it is different. Totally different.

Ironically, the biggest difference is that we can’t complain about the same old shit. Their shit is new shit. It is exciting, foreign shit. My shit is exactly the same. South African shit, Cape Town shit, Cape Town theatre shit, Cape Town bullshit politics shit, boring old shit. (And only recently it was the real shit that hit the Rhodes statue that has churned up my worst kind of hideous racist shit.)

I miss both of these amazing women differently too. Candice was my buddy here in Cape Town and we did so much stuff together. We went out together, worked together, played together, hung out together. It is a huge physical loss. Jaci lived in Jozi and when we saw each other, which was often but not weekly, it was hard core intense. Mad. Attached at the hip for a couple of days. Dramatic. Jaci is my travel soul mate. I am deeply jealous of her being in NYC without me, especially since she introduced me to the place and watched me fall in love with it.

Once I get past the pangs of longing and missing my friends, something else can be glimmered underneath, and that is the sheer excitement of an expanding world, and it is a world I now have better access to. Melbourne is a magnificent, wonderful, quirky, pretty city. NYC pumps my creative blood and is filled with my tribe of people. I can visualise my friends in these places, and I can go there too, virtually, and also, hopefully, in reality one day.

In the meantime I have to get used to the time differences. It is bizarre. Candice is always 8 hours ahead of me, and Jaci is 7 behind. Lucky we are theatre animals. It is always dark inside a theatre.