It’s always hard to turn inspiration into real stuff when you come back from travels but if the two shows we performed this week are anything to go by we have taken the unicorn by the ball and flipped ourselves into magical new improv heights.

You know me; I am not last in line to blow our own trumpet (equally, I am the first to admit to personal disaster), and I am so proud of Improguise‘s performances this week.

On Monday night one of our biggest casts in a while played Sink or Swim, to the absolute delight of ourselves, each other, but mainly our audience who braved shocking weather to be warmed by us. We were inspired, generous, brave, clever, funny and totally present, and Candice and I were beyond delighted at how the rest of our group grabbed the challenge of doing something brand new without much preparation.

Last night was entirely different but also amazing. We had a small cast of 5 and no musician, and we asked our very small audience, in a casual conversation before the show started, whether they wanted to see a selection of short form games (which is what we usually do) or if they wanted to come with us and jump off into a whole new world and watch a Show from Nothing. No games, no real format, just improvising. Two audience members tried to vote for old stuff but the rest were gung-ho about trying out something new. And so we did.

It was scary, weird, edgy and very creative, and we had a blast. Of course there were things that worked better than others, and things that we could have done better. Some scenes were too short. Maybe we tried a bit too hard to wrap things up. Nit picking. It was an awesome hour of making it up live on stage with a group of trusting and committed friends. We chatted to most of our audience afterwards and they agreed that it had been great to watch and it was a success. And that’s what counts the most.

Our inspiration and energy continues. In other important news, Yes-we-Candice, Ta-king-a-risk-with-u-ndi and I are in huge discussion about our upcoming new training courses. This is our first teaser. Starting on the 6th of September, and running once a week for 8 weeks, will be two new improv training courses. The one is specifically aimed at actors, and will operate like an improv masterclass, with each class focusing on an aspect of improv. The second course is for everybody else and is aimed at improv fans who haven’t been on stage since school (or ever), those who get told by their friends that they are funny, shy people who want to try something different, IT people and web developers; anyone really! It is going to be a course that gets you improvising your socks off, and we will be showing you exactly how. Now, if you are considering either course, wanting more info, needing your arm to be twisted, know of a friend, or convinced this is just exactly what you need, then send me an email to or leave a comment here and we can start talking. As I say, this is our teaser, but you should book your space early to avoid disappointment (I have been dying to say that for years!).

We are so excited about making improv players and audiences grow here in Cape Town, and turning this into the improv capital of South Africa!