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I just got an email from a friend and animal rights activist who is letting people know about a shop in Cavendish Square called Lulu Belle that is selling real fur. Apparently fur stuff is even in their window. Now I can’t understand how ANYONE in South Africa would need to wear some real fur. Then there are those idiots who want to or just don’t care. I just don’t get it. I’m not much for terrorism in these cases. The animal rights extremists often get into trouble and make their names gat. So no throwing of fake blood for me. However…being of the belief that bad publicity can spread like the flu…I am entirely open to spreading the word of how idiotic this Lulu Belle shop is. Let’s take it a step further. Cavendish Square management needs to get involved. Let’s help them make a stand. I shop at Cavendish. Now I won’t. And I’m going to tell them why. Let’s email their centre manager on


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  1. Nikki

    Hi Megan

    I am an animal rights activist and I have to agree with you: I don’t agree with terrorism. Although I would go to extreme lenghts to help and/or rescue animals, I do believe that terrorist tactics only gives the movement a bad name and harms The Cause. I operate on the principle of as long as no one gets hurt, you can pretty much do as you please. But in a world where the offenders are the ones being protected and rewarded, I can most certainly understand why activists go to the lenghts they do.

    We have made contact with Lulu Belle and everyone got the EXACT same reply from Robyn Sher (the owner). What is worse, is that the reply email from her are filled with blatant lies. In it she claims to have only 10 items between her stores and the fur to which we refer to would only be a little bit of rabbit trim. I have people who have gone in to her stores, done a count and there is most certainly MORE than 10 items, AND full waistcoat jackets (which one could hardly define as trim!!!).

    So if not “boycotting” Lulu Belle because of the fact that it sells fur, boycott the store because it treats consumers as idiots by trying to con them with lies. Someone like that most CERTAINLY will not get a PENNY of MY hard earned money.

  2. megan

    You know Nikki, i am still waiting for a response to my email sent to Cavendish management. I can’t believe it. I am proud to say that I have had a great response by readers of this blog who have sent emails too. Let’s keep it up. Rabbit Fur?! I ASK you.

  3. Jason

    Argh! How irritating, and thanks for bringing this serious matter to your readers attention. Im going to give them a call right now and tell them exactly what I feel about them!

  4. Jason

    Contact Person: Robyn Sher / Teena Baartens
    Telephone: 021 671 5728
    Fax: 021 671 132
    taken off of

  5. Jason

    Apparently they’ve taken their fur range off their shelves “a couple of months ago”.. but they did offer to find me some if im looking.

  6. megan

    I should have been more informative here. Thanks to a rather successful campaign Lulu Belle doesn’t do fur any more. Yay.

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