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When Gally first came to my house at the end of 2002, as part of a pack of six Taiwanese rescues, I was desperate to find a home for her. I already had Bayla, the first of the Taiwanese refugees, and I didn’t see how I would have two dogs. But nobody came forward to have her, and Gally, the temporary name I gave her (from Girly) stuck around. She had never been a house dog before, and she had no idea what she was doing. She chewed our couch, piece by piece, into bite size pieces.

Those were crazy days. For five or so weeks I looked after three of Nicole and Nick’s dogs, and Gally and Bayla, in our small house in Gardens. I would take the pack out to Camp’s Bay beach for walks. The first time Gally was off the lead she ran and galloped over the red and white marker tape cordoning off a section of the beach as if she were a racehorse. My friend Graham and I, who were walking them,  had never witnessed such joy ever before.

Gally loved entirely uncomplicatedly, and she chose Big Friendly to love the most. He was chosen by her the second time they met, when she reached over and claimed him by putting her paw on his thigh. It was as if I married Big Friendly so he could be Gally’s. And she devoted herself to him, and him to her. Big Friendly let her go into the disgusting black mud in Keerboom park. He chased her when he was the only one she would ever play with; she never understood games. He would scout parks, beaches and fields for dogs she might be scared of even though she was always the aggressor.

A true Pavlov’s dog, just the sound of plastic poo bags being ripped off the roll got her tail wagging, even at the end when she struggled to stand.

She was the most photogenic dog. Between Big Friendly and I we have thousands of pictures of our pretty girl with black make-up eyes.

We console ourselves that she was one of the best loved dogs in all the world. Here is the last photo I took of her; in a position she loved, looking out on the ‘hood. Even though she looks so healthy and conscious she struggled to get to her favourite place, and couldn’t stay there long.

Our house is heartbreakingly and silently empty of dogs now and we can’t sleep. Bye bye Gally. In my childish dog heaven fantasy Bayla was waiting for you and she is behind you now, biting your back legs and urging you to bark at strangers.


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  1. bobby

    such a moving piece. what a gorgeous tribute for such a fatastic, peerless companion.

  2. Peter Terry

    She loved and was loved in equal measure.

  3. Ag, now i’m in tears. I am so sorry for your loss. xxx

  4. Dee

    I have a huge lump in my throat and can truly say that, having been in your shoes so many times and being an absolute animal lover, I know exactly how that absence of all things that we love about our special pets can be gut wrenching. She was loved, lived a good life with you and for that she is eternally grateful. RIP Gally. xxx

  5. Marianne thamm

    What a fitting tribute to a beautiful dog. May her spirit watch over you both always and bring you comfort when you miss her most. xxxx

  6. Beilla Gans

    So sad. Tante B

  7. Juanita van Wyk

    What a wonderful way to honour her. Going to hold my kitty-children a little closer today. RIP Gally – beautiful angel dog who was obviously so deeply loved x

  8. aw just read this now Megs and really sorry for you and big friendly and your loss and just echo all the love spoken about that you gave to both of those dogs – there was no doubt that they were well loved and looked after… much love and shared sadness… brett

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