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Get thee hence, funda-mental-ists!

Big Friendly and I went off to see The Golden Compass today. Both of us were well armed against ‘becoming atheists’ after everything we’d read and heard in the media. I was well comforted by the fact that I had seen all the Christian themed movies and no huge conversion thing like that had happened to me before. But you never know how clever these anti-religious people can be, so Big Friendly and I were eyes wide open, just in case.

We have both read (and adored) the trilogy of which The Golden Compass (or Northern Lights) is the first. Nothing bad happened when we read the books either.

And we were totally delighted and amazed with the beautiful and faithful movie version of the first book. This is an exquisite work of art and we loved it. The performances were outstanding, especially the amazing girl child Dakota Blue Richards who plays Lyra, and even my most least favourite Nicole Kidman managed to act past her collagen lips. The styling is totally magical and other worldly and fills the huge imagination picture of one’s mind. The flying ships are amazing. The cgi of all the daemon animals is incredible and the bears are brilliant. The battles are epic and dramatic, the children can act and the story is clear and moving. It’s a sweeping tale where the battle between good and evil is gritty and real, the power of evil far-reaching and the triumph of good heartfelt. It’s a great moral tale with excellent lessons, even for children. It is about loyalty and friendship and courage and humility and overcoming fear. Sound familiar? For my part, I wish more fundamentalists had some of those qualities.

So, I suggest that this movie is supported. It’s good. It’s entertaining. And what violence there is makes sense. Come to think of it, of all the bullshit on circuit, I can’t believe they’ve chosen this one to pick on. Shmucks.


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  1. tristonj

    I agree! I havent seen the movie yet and plan on doing it this week. But I love the books!

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