I’m going to ask everyone I see, even though it’s properly too late. I mean, if you haven’t registered, you can’t. But, for those of you who are registered, please, apathetic Capetonians, complaining Jozi burgers, nervous Durbanites, please, go to the polls.

I am anxious about this election. I see the comparison between popular choice Zoom Zoom Zuma and USA’s own disaster version George Dubya Bush. I am anxious that in Zuma’s hands our most valued constitution is at risk.

I joined the world in excitement about Barak Obama and although I know we had that in Madiba, I really want South Africa to have those kinds of politicians and presidents again. One that really does care about the people. One that will keep his or her promises. One that is able to sell the journey of improvement even though it is going to be long and hard and full of work, as opposed to false promises, handouts and favouritism. I want a president chosen for what he/she stands for, not because he has managed to wriggle out of stuff. I want to believe that the person who is in charge of my country cares more about the people and the land than they do about their position and the power it brings.

I want people to go and vote in an effort to be part of the process. I want people to vote because this country belongs to us and its politicians need to do our work, with us in mind. I want people to go and vote because every vote is counted, and every vote does count.