180px-Noelcoward A delightful evening spent at a show

With Godfrey Johnson at the piano

Doing Coward, his songs and his rhyme

And doing it well! A jolly good time.

This happened last night at The KBT.

Flirting with Coward by Johnson, Godfrey.

godfrey07_small_2 It’s true. I went to watch Godfrey Johnson’s new show, Flirting with Coward, last night at The Kalk Bay Theatre. I have worked with Godfrey for many years, and he plays regularly for TheatreSports, and last night was proof that he has really grown into the award winning performer he is. The show is a one man theatrical cabaret, well directed by Sanjin Muftic and beautifully lit by Jonathan Keevy who also made the little, pretty cut-out silhouettes. Noel Coward‘s material is not easy. It is dense and wordy and the music is not the most accessible but Godfrey managed to pull everything together and make it funny, quirky, sentimental, light and moving, all over the place. It was a joy and I was really pleased as punch. Well done fellows!