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Good Joy

There’s nothing like a good crit to make the hard work feel worth it. Zane Henry’s rave review will do much to bring people to picnic at Maynardville and then to watch The Merchant of Venice afterwards. And I am so glad. The production really deserves it. As Nerissa says, "Good joy my Lord and Lady, good joy."


Good timing


Pips for Polly


  1. The Saint

    Jeez – just read this – well done Megan and the rest. What a review. Can’t wait to see it now.

  2. Alfred Rietmann

    Megan is the almost unsung HERO of The Merchant Of Venice. She made ACTORS out of MODELS and TALKERS out of MUMBLERS and still managed to keep ME sane during a very trying process where I had to deal with drunks, drama queens, ditzy human specimens and often complete and total ignorance… O MY GOD! If it wasn’t for Megan I dont somehow think I would have made it to opening night. She kept everyone on their toes and questioned every artistic, directorial and technical aspect of what we were putting together. Megan’s absolute dedication to her craft is admirable (and that is putting it mildly) Thank you Megan. Thank you Megan. I think you are ready to tackle your own production under the stars in in the “BUSH”….Love and respect…Alfred Rietmann (S.M.The Merchant Of Venice)

  3. megan

    This is NOT going to be a mutual blah blah, but YOU Alfred, are the real unsung hero here. Thank you though, for your beautiful words and we will do our Maynardville together.

  4. Tante B

    Hey, Hey, Hey Megan!

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