There are some people that know the name and make of every kind of car. My 10 and 12 year old nephews are specialists, and can quote what the interiors of the Ferrari blah blah blah are made of. Some people sit in the middle, like me, and  know the make and even model of their own car, and completely over identify with anyone else who drives the same, and then there are those that lose their cars in the parking lot and only know what colour their own car is. Sometimes, they won’t even know the make.

My friend Susan drove up behind me as I arrived at Deer Park, and I got excited because we were driving the same make and model. I pointed and waved. She thought I was just saying hi. I was like, look. She was, what?

IMG_4896Anyway, the reason I was meeting her was so I could say goodbye to Hei Hei, Susan’s 17 year old dog, who is literally on her last legs. I was how Susan came to have Hei Hei (a very long and amazing story involving seven Taiwanese rescues).

We sat under the trees, and Hei Hei sniffed and swam and waddled, and my two young dogs of the new generation gambolled and jumped and swam and rolled. And it was beautiful and the time is right and she leaves this planet after an amazing journey too huge to write down here.

Thank you Susan for giving me this afternoon, this marker, this passage, this moment. Thank you Hei Hei for being 100% amazing and special. I will never forget how you sang, and how Gally, your perfect white sister dog of my heart also sang.