I feel like Plato this morning, having a written discourse/debate with Simon.

Megan is a old [and respected] theatre hand.  Yes I have been coming to the Festival for a long time – this is my 19th in 22 years – but I don’t have the background of having studied drama and I did not work in the performing arts world until 2004.   So I have never seen “HELLO AND GOODBYE” – said to be Fugard’s best or one of – and here it is presented to me with performances by the 2 South African actors who have made those roles famous.    And “revisit”, in my case means go and see a play again after 12 years, a play that I rated as a 10 when I saw it originally.     How many of this year’s Festino’s have not seen either of these two really worthwhile performances and isn’t it great that they have the opportunity to do so now ?    Isn’t that one of the roles a national arts Festival should play ?

The pace is beginning to tell – yes on me but also generally.   Theatre-goers are a bit more scratchy and irritable than at the start of the Festival; the desperation to get tickets for the shows that are selling out has become that little bit more aggressive; the criticisms of bad organisation a little bit more biting.        Numbers are definitely more than mid-week last week and no doubt there will be a bit of an influx this weekend for the last 2 days.   Bring it on !!!

Only 2 plays yesterday – one was my production, “LONDON ROAD”, with my family and friends, and although it is the heaven-knows-how-many-times-I-have-seen-this-show, I loved it all over again and was crying at the end like about 80% of the audience.    Then I saw “…..MISKIEN” [which I know Megan saw and loved when it premièred in Cape Town] – I can see why it was so well received.  Maybe it could do with being slightly shorter but it is well acted and it deals with a subject that some people find difficult – suppressed / blooming homosexuality between 2 macho males – very cleverly.   Tara Louise Notcutt won a newcomers directorial awards at the Fleur du Cap Awards ceremony this year for “…..MISKIEN” and together with the performers, Albert Pretorius and Gideon Lombard, she has done a good job here.    It is quite rough and doesn’t pull punches – it has in fact grown on me in the 12 hours since I saw it and I suspect will continue to do so for a bit.   Definitely glad I saw it.