Just so you know, the details are no different from how I imagined they would be. Love, inspiration, excitement, terror, panic, desperation, joy, ease, discomfort, awe, pride. The festival.

My first performance of Drive With Me happened yesterday, and it was a relief and comfort to have some familiar faces in the audience. It went pretty well, considering. Actually, it went well enough to get me a really lovely, well written, enticing and mysterious review from Nigel Vermass, whose opinion I really care about and who knows what he is doing. I am sure the blind panic I felt yesterday will subside into something more contained and manageable for tomorrow’s performance (today is my only day off).

I allowed the adrenaline and relief to wash through me and celebrated by watching 2 shows. I saw A Town Called Fookol-Luthu, also produced by Kalk Bay Productions, and it was just what I needed. Tara Louise Nottcutt directs this quirky, funny, rude and ridiculous collection of Jervis Pennington’s stories and songs, performed by some delicious young CT talent (and Jervis himself) and it washed over me like laughing water. If you weren’t sure, you can be. It was delicious. It also helped that I had a most vocal woman loving the show behind me and loudly saying “yes” in support of the troubles and trials of all the characters.

Then (after most yum soup at The Long Table) I went to see Rob Murray directing Andrew Buckland and Liesl de Kok in Crazy in Love. It is an interesting piece, with beautiful moments by two performers I am totally in love with, but I wasn’t entirely won over by this one, and I was sad that I didn’t feel absolutely crazy in love with it.

Tonight Fully Committed opens; and I will eat my spandex bicycle shorts if it isn’t a sure-fire festival winner.

And of course, there is my favourite, Song And Dance, that I am hoping will draw a crowd.

More later. This internet cafe’s connection is agonisingly slow.