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Guns are the problem

20011110-guns I caught two minutes of Lisa Chait’s show today on 567 Cape Talk and the bit I got was roughly a caller talking about how it’s OK to shoot somebody who is in your house but how it’s not OK if they’re just on your property. Now I confess, the reception was pretty bad and I didn’t get Lisa’s response, although she did seem to get quite technical with the guy. I can only imagine the topic was a response to our fabulous deputy Safety and Security minister Susan Shabangu’s most idiotic suggestions, as well as a response to the killing of that child criminal in Boksburg who was shot dead after smashing a car window and stealing a cell phone.

And I started day dreaming (it was hot in the car) about a solution. and I came up with a really good one. And it didn’t take brain gym for this one. Here goes. Why don’t we simply ban the manufacture, sales, import and possession of firearms? That is it. That’s all. Nobody is allowed to make guns or sell them or smuggle them in. Anyone found in possession of one is to be immediately arrested, tried and sent to jail. There are no exceptions, no hunting rifles, no antique collectibles, no hobby guns, no guns allowed. Imagine. No illegal gun owners, no gun stealers, no guns at or outside school, no guns on street corners, no guns left in cupboards for children to find, no guns that can be taken away from you at gunpoint, no gunpoint. Let’s take it one step further. There will be no toy guns, no fake guns, no pellet guns, no shot guns. Water pistols have to be see through plastic. Bubble guns and need to be bubble shaped. No gun control (new favourite idiot Hilary Clinton), no excuses, no buts. No guns. You know what will happen? People won’t get shot.

I’m not naive. I know that there will still be crime and it will still be violent. But there will be less crime and less violence if there are no guns. And I mean no guns for anybody. But it’s not going to happen, is it?


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  1. Jess

    I couldn’t think of a better plan! No buts, no guns, a lot less pain, I vote, Yes!!!

  2. Jason

    Great idea, and I’d definately vote for the candidate who promised this.

    As I work in Safari tourism, I often come across websites where there are “hunting safari lodges” in South Africa and I find it repulsive. What kind of a sick person wants to put a bullet into another animals head? A buffalo will set you back $2500, and you can kill baboons for free if you like.

    On the other side of the coin, British police officers are not permitted to carry a gun. What do they do when a criminal pulls a gun on them?

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