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Hacking Loss

I have no idea what happened, and my main man Big friendly, who usually just ‘fixes’ everything when things go wrong, can’t this time.

Yesterday, when I tried to access megan’s head, the whole site was gone. I immediately thought that I had done something stupid, but when I came home from teaching last night the site was back, minus my last three or four posts. These include my thoughts on The Line, my recent trip to Jozi and my review of Champ. Poof. Gone.

What has surprised me the most is how sad I am. I really feel a huge loss. I am so attached to this space, to what I write here, and how I write it. I have lost bits and pieces before; like losing a post while writing it, but never a whole chunk of my personal writing history. It also frames how dependent I am on the internet and technology, and how blindly trusting I am of it. I always remember how ‘nothing is ever lost’ on the interwebz, and now my posts are gone forever.

And I also feel like I am letting my readership down. So dear megan’s head followers, I am sorry. Just so you know, I was absolutely undone by The Line, and I thought Champ was very hilarious.


Cute as Bear Shit Champ


A Funny Thing at the Alexander Bar

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  1. megan

    And Big friendly rescues me again! They are found and even in the right order below. Am going to tag and categorise now! Yeee ha.

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