I can’t sleep. I lay there for hours and finally I just got up. Big Friendly is in that deep sleep of total silence. The cats are glad I’m moving around, although Chassie keeps going to the front door to be let out.

There is so much on my mind; I’m thinking about work and I’m directing, designing, fantasising, imagining, listening, all in my head.

DSCF0752 Yesterday was our first proper rehearsal of Shez Sharon, which opens in Jozi at The Old Mutual Theatre on the Square on 2 October. I must say, I am very excited, and nervous, and filled with anticipation. I haven’t had any work on in Jozi in about 15 years. Working with Nicole Franco is delicious. She is quick, receptive, clever and funny, not to mention a total jaul. And going back to the script is also fun and refreshing. We are finding new things; new rhythms, new beats, new ideas, new music. We have given ourselves a bit of a deadline, with a performance/open rehearsal show on Sunday night, 21 September, at The Intimate Theatre here in Cape Town. If anyone missed the Kalk Bay Theatre run, this is your last chance to check it out. We’d also love a revisit by those who have already seen it, to give us feedback and notes.

Then, The Tent is also on my mind. Although I’ve more or less finished auditioning I haven’t made any concrete decisions and it’s like picking a scab. You keep going back there, even though it’s not ready to come off.

jump2 TheatreSports also has a corner of my mind reserved especially for it. What helps is that we have had a run of really good shows, both public and corporate. We are  a very lekker team at the moment, with a great mix of oldies and newies. I can’t believe we will be celebrating our 15th birthday this year. We intend celebrating with a week of performances at The Kalk Bay Theatre in November. I can’t wait. And tonight we have an almost full house booked. Yay.

I think that one of the reasons I am up at the crack of dawn is that I am waiting to hear from a corporate client of mine about a script I wrote for a long term industrial theatre job that I do. It’s always an anxious wait, filled with doubt and foreboding, like waiting for exam results.

So, now the sun is starting to come up, and I’m yawning my head off. It’s going to be a long day. I need to fetch my car which has a new ‘power-assist steering pump’, I am in the recording studio this morning, doing an audition after, fetching my friend from the airport this arvie and then playing TS tonight. Bring on the coffee Big Friendly!