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Help or hazzard?

I know I should shut up and be grateful. But it is so hard! … …No. I can’t. So we got a really good review in one of the dailies yesterday. Well, I think the reviewer liked the show. The problem is that the review is mostly incomprehensible. And inaccurate.

Firstly he gets the musicians wrong. Pitchie and Fuzzy, both well known musicians from bands and other stuff around Cape Town, are switched around and mis-identified. Now, I think that’s horrible. Then, I quote, “It is clear that director Megan Choritz didn’t interfere much with the staging, because the artists rarely move from their respective position (sic).” I mean, how lucky was I, as the director, to not have to interfere with the staging? I virtually had nothing to do, since I chose not to interfere with the staging!

Then comes my best and most incomprehensible part. “Weir has always appeared unafraid to shy away from a bit of camp, and his costume particularly communicates a certain degree of self-awareness as to the material he is covering.” Please. I need help here. What does any of this mean? I can’t even break it down. I am entirely bamboozled.

Like I said, I should be grateful. But boy it sticks in my throat.


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  1. megan

    I need to add here that yesterday we received a brilliant, well written and intelligent review. Obviously it helps that he liked the show, but the writing is excellent, the style is great, and we will be able to quote him in future. Thanks Zane Henry from The Argus Tonight.

  2. Godfrey

    Yes he does write well

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