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Holding Auditions in Hell

The second I had pressed ‘post’ I knew I shouldn’t have. I had been wrestling with whether to go open with my audition call for my latest industrial theatre project or not, but after a particularly lacklustre response from two agents I thought, what the hell. It felt only fair to make the call as wide as possible, and I put the audition notice on two very apt and specific pages; Cape Town Castings and Stage Jobs Classifieds. Bad idea.

In the brief I say “Please email me a CV and pic to secure a booking.” In the brief I give the rehearsal and performance dates, and audition venue. I am specific about what I am looking for, including colour, gender and age. I give my telephone number in case anyone has any queries. Bad idea. I have been WhatsApped up the yingyang with “I wnna b in ur movie” “intersed your promo” “y u ignoring me?” “acting age 25-35, can I still audition” to quote about 1%. I have been flooded with CVs and pics from wannabe performers who are filing clerks from as far away as Carletonville. I have had rude messages demanding that I accept video auditions and show reels. The entire wannabe acting community of Jozi has made contact.

And then, from the professionals, I have had ‘the changing of the time’. What that is, is the to and fro of emails shifting an audition time and date, up to four times. It is fair to say that I am in a constant state of losing my shit. And the auditions are only on Thursday and Friday. I don’t think I am going to last until then.


Hopefully the last Standard Bank update


Perfectly Slowly


  1. Maybe you should go hide in your local Standard Bank branch for the week…
    [Good Luck Megs! Think end result!]

  2. sandi

    hey, i wanna be in your movie, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. To be fair, when I finally held the auditions they were brilliant, and of a very, very high standard.

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