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Home sweet HOME

The washing is churning in the washing machine. The dogs are staring at me with “beach” written on their little faces. The neighbourhood is suffering from a rugby world cup hang over. Big Friendly keeps on interrupting me to tell me how good it feels to be rugby champions of the world. It really is good to be back home.

I went to see A Circus Side Show last night. It’s just under a week ago that I saw it last and it really is very different. Some things are better, slicker and more flowing. Other things have gotten a bit sloppy. The show is growing and breathing. Please don’t be truly Cape Tonian and not get to see it before it finishes. It’s a week to go, including tonight.


Jozi part 3


Primary Coloured

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  1. Beilla Gans

    Any you still have time to smell the roses (or soon to be morning glories)? Beilla

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