Beware; indulgent self reflection below.

Can you have post production blues after a three day working process? If it goes so brilliantly and the connections are instant and deep I think you can.

In a day completely separate from this last week’s work, I spent yesterday with my best friend from school; a four hour Lebanese lunch in Camden and then a home visit with husband and children of best friend from school. So completely lovely. We went into the restaurant in daytime and when we left at 4pm it was the middle of the night. I am still not used to that.

I am preparing my head for being at home. I can’t wait to be with Big Friendly and Gally and Chassie. I am excited to share my stories with my beautiful friends. And I want to carry this energy and feeling for and around my work. I am going to need help. The energy here is what helps make all things theatre possible. But I have a rather British theatre carrot dangling in front of my Cape Town nose. Let’s do shit.