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I have never seen myself as someone with unrealistic expectations. I know how hard it is to put on theatre and then get an audience to come and see it. Putting on one’s own work, without a budget, is always high risk, especially with a cast of four (who are all in it together). But this run of Good Will Acting has been mysterious in the extreme.

I have never felt this strongly about my work before. I know it is good. And funny. I know that my cast is properly amazing. The small houses that come and see it sit after the show, in the theatre or bar or foyer, buzzing. They can’t wait for the actors to come out. They clap and smile and celebrate. And commiserate. Last night’s audience numbered about twenty. And they could not believe that there weren’t more of them there. They couldn’t believe we weren’t sold out. They couldn’t believe that they hadn’t struggled to get tickets. They had advice for me. Take the show to Sydney; it would be full every single night! They all want to see it again!

So what do we do? As I write this we have 6 people booked for tonight’s show. 6. Unless it grows by at least double this morning we will have to cancel. It looks pretty much the same for Wednesday and Thursday. And I am sure we won’t have performances next week. We can’t justify it.

Of course I am struggling not to take it personally. Rumours of other holiday fare being sold out are doing my head in. But many visitors and locals tell me how quiet Cape Town is. Who knows? All I know is that if you wanted to see Good Will Acting and haven’t yet, please come tonight or tomorrow night and book on 0732205430. I have a feeling that those are going to be our last shows.


The illusive, mysterious Theatre Audience


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  1. Jenni B

    I saw the play last night – in a word – charming – okay two words – beguiling – oh what the hell – innovative and inspired! – this superb little gem was about ‘deconstructing’ actors to play discoherent parts and then to reconstruct them into a team to get the best of the sum of their parts – props and costumes are integral to the success of this piece and what novel use of velcro! – go and see the play!! – well done to all for taking this chance on risk- if only fortune favoured the [thespian] brave!!

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