I love chillies. I love hot food. I firmly believe that anything can be improved with a fresh chilli, chilli paste, dried chilli flakes or even Tabasco. I almost died and went to heaven after eating a Lindt limited edition Dark Chocolate with Chilli. I always have some kind of chilli thing in my fridge and at various stages I have even grown my own. My shvester-in-law once gave me a bottle of pickled bird’s eye chillies that destroyed your stomach lining.

At the moment Woolies are selling a little pack of mixed chillies and there is a helpful chart on the back that tells you the heat of each kind of chilli in the pack, ranging from mild to very hot. Only, they’ve got it completely wrong! what they describe as mild, and you throw huge chunks of into your salad, are the killers! Hilarious! And dangerous.

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