Theatre, live music, art, exhibitions, food, work, people, not much sleep. Buildings, signs, parks, sights, conversations. On top of buildings, in buildings, next to buildings, in buildings. Coffee, on the go, service, healthy food, not-so healthy food, dogs, more dogs, Jewish people, Irish, Russians, Nigerians, Israelis, Saudis, Italians, New Yorkers, out-of-towners, rich, poor, old, young, stylish, nerdy. It is fair to say we packed it all in. We went up the Empire State Building and to the Top of The Rock. We queued in Central Park for 6 hours to get free tickets for As You Like it, which was totally fabulous. We went to the Met and did 3 of the 900 rooms. We went to Moma and I fell in love again with Matisse, Modigliani and Monet. We danced for four hours to a Brazilian band, a Mexican Ska band and Balkan Beatbox as we celebrated Brooklyn in Prospect Park. We walked the High Line, marveling at the radical buildings and how they have been transformed. We ate gelato, shaped like flowers on a cone, in the village. We ate cup cakes from Magnolia Bakery where the girls from Sex and The City would go. We fetched a guitar in a bar in Astoria Boulevard, Queens and visited my darling Tante B and her daughter and family in Stamford. We went to the extraordinary Bodies exhibition. And Dan Bern. And Other Desert Cities. We socialised with some NYC connections who were fabulous and inspiring. We toured the Rockefeller Centre with a guide who knew about every piece of art. We went to Williamsburg, and South Street Sea Port, and Battery Park. We took the subway, and walked and cabbed and trained. We walked through Gramercy in the middle of the night. As much as we did, there was the same amount of things we didn’t have time for, but I’ll be back. I will never be the same again.