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Howzat for a game!

Exactly five years ago yesterday Big Friendly and I left the house grumpy and depressed. It was about 1230 and we had to leave the Proteas, who were being taken to the cleaners by Australia at Wanderers, to go to Tandi’s birthday picnic at Deer Park Cafe. BF and I were sulky and woes. It was a foregone conclusion that the Proteas had lost. Sies. We got home later that arvie and turned on the box. I remember calling Big Friendly and saying, “Look, they’ve got the required rate and the current run rate figures mixed up!” But they hadn’t. It was right. The Proteas were right there, in the game. I remember my brother phoning. He had decided to go to Wanderers for the second half. I remember the crowd screaming so loudly I couldn’t hear a single word he said. The famous 438 game. And we had missed the whole middle section.

Yesterday Big Friendly and I stopped listening to radio 2000 when India were 197 for 1. We had watched the first 20 or so overs, when the Indian batsmen had taken the SA bowlers and fielders to the cleaners. Suffice it to say I was woes. We listened on the radio as the commentators predicted a score of 400, doubling what India had done in the first 30 overs. It felt like a lost cause for sure. We got out of the car at Silvermine; a picnic for Tandi and Nova’s birthday. We nagged everyone who came after us for an update. It got worse before it got slightly better and then everyone had arrived and there was no news for a while.

Imagine our unbelievable surprise when we got into the car and found out that the Indians had not even seen through their 50 overs. They had tumbled to 296 all out! There was a glimmer of hope. Only Smith was predictably out.

What followed was the slow, grinding agony, adding to the misery of me feeling the effects of a cold. I lay on the couch complaining bitterly about Amla and Kallis and how damn slow they were. I felt hopeless when AB needed Hashim to run for him. I was desperate when Botha was out first ball after a 6. And then, Peterson came and won the game. He won the game. I was so confused about why Dhoni didn’t let Harbhajan bowl the last over, but I didn’t care. I was literally on the edge of my seat, looking through my hands, swinging wildly between hope and horror, just like the massive crowd, only wanting different results.

That game took years off my life. If I think about it though, I wouldn’t like to have spent those lost years feeling like I did yesterday. It was all too much. This cricket! Yo!


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  1. BigFriendly

    For a game that was ours to lose it did seem that we were grabbing the opportunity with both hands in the first 25 overs. BUT, as I keep on telling you we are not a team of sulkies or chokers. We fight and never give up, we may sometimes misjudge. One more thing, hands off Biff, it takes 11 people to win or lose a match.

  2. bobby

    i was very happy to have to sleep through the sa innings. i don’t think that i’ll be as tolerant of their performance if we have to go through this against ireland and bangladesh!

  3. bobby

    @bf i’m happy to hang onto your coattails of optimism but there’s misjudge and then there’s misjudge; needing 13 runs off the last over versus pollock misjudging at 2003 world cup. just saying!

  4. BigFriendly

    Just to put this out there. News24 says “Smith captaincy key in win” “While South Africa’s epic victory over India in Nagpur will quite rightly be chiefly remembered for fast bowler Dale Steyn’s incredible bowling, a fine display of captaincy by Graeme Smith should also be recorded for posterity.” Hands off Biff!!

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