My virgin trip to Upstairs at the Alexander Bar last evening was a really good one. Love when that happens. I went off to see I Am What I Am, a cabaret style of strung together songs performed by Angela Inglis, Bethany Dickson Mahnke, Natasha Dryden and Garth Tavares director and behind the keyboard. And it was really, really good. Surprisingly good, actually, considering the genre and style is generally not my cup of tea.

I kicked back and relaxed in the tiny but sexy venue, and listened, watched and laughed as the three gorgeous girls (and Garth) rollercoastered through a whole bunch of styles, moods and paces; some solo, some duets and some lovely trio work. They are all very cute, and very versatile, and it is big, fat fun. What adds to the enjoyment is the fact that it is slick, well rehearsed and well directed. My favourite numbers were the Freedom duet and The Andrew Sisters’ number. But I loved the Tits song, and I Hope You Die (don’t know what they’re called), and Always a Bridesmaid too. There wasn’t really a song I didn’t like actually, although I did love the funny stuff more.

My only niggles were the American cutsie accent from time to time. Let’s be honest; I just hate it. It is very Disney and all of a sudden it feels like I am in Aladdin. I also wasn’t crazy about the voice over because, why? Other than that it was a most fabulous way to spend an hour, in the company of some sexy, young talent. I scheme that is pretty good going for a style of show I normally don’t enjoy!

Get to Upstairs at Alexander Bar, the easiest and coolest way to do two great things; live performance and drinking.