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I cannot

I cannot see the picture. I cannot look.

I cannot click fast enough. I go somewhere else. Anywhere. Oh my god.

The image is burned on my brain. The human figure kneels on all fours. Was it really a person in those flames? Was there a huge white grin on the policeman’s face as he watched a man burn?

I cannot. I cannot feel this. I cannot see this. Again.

What The Fuck Is Happening?

PS. I had no idea how badly affected I was by this until I replied to an email from my dearest friend, who lives in Australia, with this: SA is the worst place to be right now. I would be anywhere else. The fucking young township gangsters have gone completely insane and gone on a Xenophobic rampage, killing, burning, pillaging, looting, stoning, raping, murdering. The police have no control. Government are pathetic and are making those excuse moans and whispers while Africans huddle on the side of the roads, in churches, with nothing just fear. I hate this fucking place.


London Road Conundrum


Another day another horror story


  1. Zane Henry

    I cried today.

  2. The Saint

    When Sky News prefaces its news item on rioting in South Africa with the words “these pictures contain graphic scenes” and then proceed to show a bunch of young men chasing and then seriously beating another young man, I despair. Whatever the problem this is not the answer. What is the problem ? Is the govt reaping the results of too lax a policy on illegals ? Is it, as will be said, that the illegals are prepared to work harder than the locals and thus are preferred for jobs ? Or is that they will/must work for less ? Do we not sufficiently distinguish between refugees [genuine] and illegals escaping joblessness and poverty in their own countries ? I have no answers.

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