So I’m not going to G’town, but there’s still TheatreSports to make me very happy! Two great shows again this week! Monday’s show was a blast. A delightful audience witnessed a weird cow milking/wrestling costume designer family drama in the barn. Then there was the ‘shared memory story’ by Tandi and E about the hard and horrible winter holiday they had when they ate the Holy Yak.  There was also the ‘stage directions’ horror where all things weird happened in grandmother’s house with a spiral staircase. We ended off with the most bizarre cabaret which brought the house down. You needed to be there.

Last night’s show was also total fun. We started with a fabulously bizarre ‘Long Chain Murder’. Other highlights included a ‘two chairs’ with Nicholas and I which took place on a Lear jet, a ‘film roll back’ Western which had the most unexpected cross referencing and religious undertones, and a ‘house genre’ end game which was absolutely riotous and totally convoluted and hilarious. There were children in the audience, so naturally I swore, even though we hardly ever do. And there was a minister and his wife in the house and of course there were borderline blasphemous moments. It’s always like that.

Tonight Big Friendly and I are off to the official opening of Chess. I saw it in Jozi and I’m keen to see it again; not only because my very famous and talented shvester-in-law is the lead, but also because I really smaaked it. I was surprised to see how little Zane Henry liked it though. Our tastes are differing Zane!