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Important Announcement

The next TheatreSports training course will be held over the first two weekends in May. This is a fab, intense, fun, fast paced and exiting experience where you learn how to improvise by playing TheatreSports games. TheatreSports veteran Tandi is running the course (with guest appearances by moi) and there are a few slots available for those of you who have secret desires to be…whatever it is you want to be. Email Tandi on for more info or to book your place.


Tat 2


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  1. Hi Megan
    Happened to trip over your website yesterday by mistake and am very keen on the Theatresports workshops in May, but Tandi’s email address is bouncing… Can you give me the right one or a phone number of iets asseblief?

  2. megan

    Hi Lisa
    I’ve sent you an email with Tandi’s number. Look forward to seeing you there.

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