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Improv magic when I need it most

last night I was Stuck in the Middle. My name was pulled from a hat and I was the improviser chosen to be on stage the whole show while everyone else threw me into scenes, madly, randomly and with great gusto. This was one of our shows at our successful and fantastic improv fest, now in its third year and set to stay on the calender for a few more.

There is nothing quite like the rush of being on stage for a full hour and having unexpectedness thrown at you left, right and centre. Everyone thought I was amazing, but it wasn’t true. The team made it so. They did all the hard-core, creative work and I just responded. That’s what’s so amazing about improv.

Anyway, I needed last night. I have been a bit low on pure fun, and joy and love of being on stage and in a theatre. Last night was truly restorative. I went to bed smiling and I’ve woken up like that too.

I should tell you to make an effort to come down to the Kalk Bay Theatre tonight, for Superscene, but we are sold out! But, I am playing again on Monday night, our regular weekly show at The Galloway. So come on over for a bit of joy.


Green Margie and The Starlight


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  1. Oh absolutely. The general fun of this whole week, and especially last night, has been good rejuvenation for my soul as well… You were incredible!

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