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Introducing Violet Online

My new project is directing the fabulous Lynita Crofford in a risky, frisky one woman show that is part blog, part confession, part fantasy called Violet Online. And it is the best fun I have had in ages.

Based on blog entries chronicling her post-divorce dating life, Violet lets us into her hilarious online Scrabble sex sessions (who would have thunk?), her dress code dilemmas, her online dating stereotypes, breaking the colour barrier, and many other of her most quirky and delicious observations.

I can’t wait for ordinary women to see this piece. It will be on at The Alexander Bar at 9pm on 8, 9 October, and then the following Monday to Saturday at 9pm. I’ll keep you posted, and add pics here on Megan’s head.




Violet Online


  1. Theresa Gibbon

    Can’t wait.

  2. Fabulous! looking forward to seeing the show!

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