I am loving the IPL 2020 tournament. I have watched bits and pieces of most games and of course I am most supportive of teams with South Africans in them. I must confess to struggling to remember which team is who and where they are on the log, but I love their names: Delhi Daredevils, Deccan chargers, Chennai super Kings, Mumbai Indians. The stadia are always choc a block, noisy and high energy. The cheer leaders are weird and differ from team to team; some are sexy and provocative, some out of practice and in funny shorts and T shirts. The players in the teams are a weird mix of experience and novice, old and young, local and foreign. But it is the cricket that is the most fun, with huge scores, risky shots, lots of chances, great sixes, run outs, tension and excitement. The commentating has also been great fun. Elewation is my new favourite word. The full hog my is new favourite phrase. and Big Friendly said, "Forget Chuck Norris, forget the Hoff, forget Vernon Koekemoer; Billy Bowden is my new hero!"