I live in part clenched hope and part terrible despair. I don’t remember trying this hard to understand politics, with the absolute knowledge that what happens behind the scenes is unfathomably complicated, all about money, and that there is a total disconnect between the idea and the reality. Never before has it been this obvious that the man in the street is both clueless and helpless, and that we are noise makers, making tiny farts in the howling, globally warmed gale of end of days capitalism run amok.

Israel is the new, modern day Apartheid state, at full tilt, currently bombing the shit out of Gaza. How has the world allowed this? How does it continue to allow it? Then this segues into British politics.  In the UK, Brexit is kind of on the back burner while whether Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite seems to be the big question. This is what a whole campaign is being run on Jeremy the anti-Semite. Back in Trumpland, that orange bully tweets intimidatory threats live while a witness testifies at his impeachment.

There are protests in Chile, Hong Kong, Venezuela. Lebanon, Iran, Bolivia. Refugees protest in Cape Town and Pretoria.

Is it like TS Eliot’s Hollowmen? Will it end with a whimper? Or are we lighting sparks on fuses?