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it was a big bash I tell you

There were lots of cool things about the fdc awards at Artscape last night. Everyone looked brilliant for one; really dressed up and glam. Sandra Themming had on a brilliant shiny lime green frock; Robyn Scott looked amazing in a bodice type thing, but the dress of the evening, made up of orange and pink exquisite sari fabric and Indian braiding, was on Helen Cooper of The Kalk Bay Theatre.

Atrscape’s front of house manager Hadley Titus was responsible for the outrageous? hilarious? ridiculous? J&B Met style mannequins with flower arrangements on their heads.

The award ceremony itself was quite good. It was hosted by Connie de Villiers and he was quite efficient and fast. The acts in between were good but far too long. Mark Hoeben and his dance partner Ina are incredible at the tango (but it was too long). It just got me thinking though. We were celebrating and awarding THEATRE. So why did we watch a rock band (Watershed were cool enough but totally wrong for the audience), opera singing and dancing? Half the nominees could have done something more appropriate. Mark Lottering, Graham Weir, Claire Watling. Maybe that’s the director in me.

I’m not going to list the winners of all the awards. I was delighted that Claire Watling won best supporting actress for Twelfth Night. I was bitterly disappointed that Graham Weir and Nicola Hanekom didn’t win in their categories. I liked Nicholas Ellenbogen’s and Percy Tucker’s speeches. Nicholas won best supporting actor and Percy, the founder of Computicket, was given a lifetime achievement award.

The party afterward was outrageous and decadent. Sushi. Japanese salads. Butternut pate. Oysters. Ice cream. Figs. CODA (the band) played outside. I bumped into winner Robert Findlaysonn who I was with at Drama School and haven’t seen since. I got Myer Taub to promise he would come and be a judge tonight at TheatreSports. I drank wine and kissed many cheeks.

Here’s the thing though. As the lights went down in the theatre I got cold shivers. All I could think about was Noah of Cape Town, the amazing acapella musical Graham and I have written, and how we are struggling to find the money to stage it. And how long we have been trying. I pictured it on that stage and I imagined the opening song Eh Baran as the actors come forward from its depths. And I know for sure it is award winning, ground breaking, original, world class and a watershed culturally for Cape Town. I suppose its time will come.

Maybe next year Graham will win the Martin Scorcese award for seven nominations but no wins. And TheatreSports will win the people’s choice award. I guess we’ve got lots to work towards.


Off to the awadz



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  1. Godfrey

    NOAH deserves to be seen by millions and it will be.

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