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Jewish Tart

tartI have known Big Friendly for almost 13 years now, and over those 13 years he has told me rapturously, in childhood fantasy memory, about his most favourite dessert, a thing called Jewish Tart. His ouma and his mom made it for him on very special occasions and it was his best ever thing. I always pulled a face when he spoke about it, because I am Jewish and I have never heard of or seen a Jewish Tart before. I thought that maybe his strange and wonderful family had given some thing this name, and they were the only ones. Like my father calling stupid, stingy people Peruvians. “Don’t be such a Peruvian!”

A month ago Big Friendly came home flushed and excited. It was a real thing! His aunt had posted the Huisgenoot recipe for Jode Tert on facebum.

Today we tried to make it. It is layers of round biscuit separated by a homemade custard. The biscuits are done and the custard (please may it still firm up) is cooling before we assemble it.

Jewish Tart; this bizarre South African thing made by Afrikaners, and now by me, and stirred by Big Friendly. This is the recipe I followed.





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  1. i just made your lemon tart [my go to!] on Saturday again for a braai but this time gave it a bit of a brett twist keeping some of the base crumbs and lightly dusting the top with them and then grating in some Tex bar on top cos me and chocolate… and put in the full amount of lemon juice for a change and actually that totally makes it – removes the richness and gives it the right amount of tart…

    Hope this one was everything BF imagined it to be…
    And thank you again… still need to figure out how to make chocolate one set
    love different BF

  2. Love that lemon tart, other BF. There are a few things to do to get the choc one to set. Whip the cream until very, very stiff. Use half condensed milk. Put in an egg white beaten stiff. Leave it in the fridge for long.
    This Jewish Tart needs work. Biscuits were too thick, custard too sweet. It is a labour of love. I had no idea how hard it was to make custard from scratch.

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