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It’s the crack of dawn and I’m at my boet’s stunning new apartment in the heart of Jozi. I came up urgently on Monday; my aging gran is frail and sick at the hospital. We are all in that weird waiting space, neither here nor there, knowing she is leaving but not knowing when. I had a few good laughs with her in moments of lucidity, and she blew me kisses through her oxygen mask. These times draw you to family and keep weird hours and you end up sharing memories and it’s all quite hectic and emotional and beautiful and unsettling.

A Circus Side Show is getting fantastic feedback. I am so excited and I’m dying to get back to CT for a bit of basking.


what a night


moving on


  1. The Saint

    Yes good review by dear old Derek [altho’ never certain if that isn’t a bad thing ??] and another on the net somewhere – will retrace and tell you. [got it News – Entertainment]. This piede will do well – just you watch and see. Our thoughts and love are with you and your family.

  2. Jerome Chapman

    Good comments from a bunch of youngster’s that came to watch our show tonight…..” it’s one of the best shows I have seen this year”…..” Yeah it was awesome”…”I love the songs”. Audience applauded Richard for his acrobatic movements….It was awesome!!!!

  3. I think that we should start a petition, in order to convince Graham to record the show’s songs and ‘incidental’ music on get it published: CD’ed, MP3’ed – anything goes. It’s one of the best scores (music and lyrics) heard here at the Mamapolis for a long-long time. Amanda’s musical direction is inspired/ing.

    As I was getting ready to publish this:

    Megan’s Gran passed away, our love and thoughts with you and your family.

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