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Jozi artists rock

I did that ridiculous one day Jozi thing. I flew up at the crack yesterday and then came back today, so I could be at Jozi call backs for Noah. Jaci de Villiers (fab director) organised for some of her favourite Jozi talent to come and meet Graham Weir (the writer, composer and voice guru) Amanda Tiffin (musical director) and me. I want to tell you; a whole new ball game. These guys were prepared. They were professional. They were keen. They looked good. They were organised. Most of them were even early. I was blown away by the talent. I was charmed and warmed and excited. Slaap Stad, we’ve got a lot to learn. Agents here in Slaap Stad, you are going to have to up your game. This is an amazing opportunity to be in a brand new, original, local, accapella musical. How is it possible that people don’t pitch, come late, are unprepared, can’t make call backs, don’t want to be in long runs? Slaap Stad actors, you are going to have to catch a wake up or else everything will have to be cast in Jozi. And I think that that is a huge pity.


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  1. This is dumbfounding. You’ve been in the business for 25 odd years, Megan. Can you – or any other M’sH visitor – try to explain this sickening phenomenon? Also – is this attitude detectable among CT actors only? Does the problem exist in CT arts? Business?

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