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Jozi II

It has been a delicious time of fandamily and friends and fandamily here in Jozi. it’s always interesting for me how time is split down spouse lines to spend with  various fandamily members, and Big Friendly and I do it pretty well. We have squeezed in a brother and his wife, a sister and her kids, two mothers, Jozi, Pretoria, and two big jauls and a few smaller ones. But today it’s hometime and both of us need to settle down. I start rehearsals tomorrow for an industrial theatre job. Big friendly has a ton of work on his plate. And we miss our animals like crazy.

I am just so excited that the yearly Argus cycle idiocy happened without me.


Jozi and fandamily


Hitting CT running


  1. The Saint

    Sorry the Argus is next Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. megan

    I know! I just found out! How kak is that? How dof am I?

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