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Jumping in to 2015

I always try to do a little bit of something that makes me feel like I am setting the tone and standard for the new year on New Year’s Day, so yesterday I tried to learn some lines. I didn’t try very hard, or stick at it for too long, but I started, and today I’ll do a bit more. I am learning a monologue which I’ll perform on Monday night’s Playthings at The Alexander Bar. It’s one of the monologues from my yet to be staged play Clouds Like Waves. I have only ever done one other Playthings (because it’s on a Monday night and I am usually improvising with ImproGuise, but we only kick that off again on 12 Jan) but is the funnest, least stressful way of trying something out.

I am also trying to write my first radio play. When I say trying, I mean I have a really great kernel of an idea and I have written two scenes. Not sure that exactly qualifies but I like to think so. I will do some more later.

And then I am going to start turning my energy towards the end of the month and the next run of Violet Online at The Kalk Bay Theatre. I know it wasn’t that long ago that we did our premier run at The Alexander Bar, but the great thing for theatre makers is that Kalk Bay is considered to be another country, so we will be able to perform to those people there. And, I’ve got a feeling it’s the right play at the right place. I look forward to picking up that book again and having such fun playing with Lynita. Dates for the two week run are 27 Jan to 8 Feb.

Yup, feels like I am setting the tone.


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  1. Oh poo. I just found out that Playthings on Monday night is cancelled.

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