One of the things Dukan insists on is walking every day. It’s not a lot of walking, only 30 minutes. I don’t always do it for that long, but I do walk the dogs every single day, which means I do some walking every day. Some days I walk a lot; like yesterday when my friend dragged me into the Newlands forest, from his house, in Rondebosch!I can tell you that the best part of it all (aside from the exquisite forest in our back yard) was that I wasn’t carrying an extra 17kg load with me. The beach walk on weekends is filled with energy, running and playing and physical fun. Because I can actually move.

My whole body looks and feels different, and I am enjoying it again. I want to boast and show off. How great to have turned into that from the, let’s be honest, embarrassment that accompanied me most of the time when I felt so fat, unfit and uncomfortable.

I remember, not so long ago, having to drag myself out to walk the dogs. Now I can’t wait. Even right now, while I wait for the sun to come up. The dogs and I are the same. We go and walk, and then come home hungry for breakfast.

The kids are playing in the street before being picked up for school. The sun is creeping into the sky. Time to get out there.