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early this morning I came across the news story of the guy who forced the Moodleys off the road in an act of road rage, attacked their car with a sword (no joke), stepped back into the road when the Moodleys pulled off, and was hit by three cars, resulting in his death. I mean no disrespect here and I think this was a terrible and untimely way to die. But. It so often happens that the victim is the one who gets hurt or even killed. The story is so weird that if I hadn’t been at the receiving end of some road rage when I was up in Jozi recently I would have found it hard to believe. Not that this story stands alone in the weirdness category! Hau people. It’s been a week of weird shit, let me tell ya.


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‘The so much better than it sounds’ Frogs


  1. Kevin

    I can’t help but get that really strange feeling, that, in a weird (and this IS weird!) that a perverted sense of justice has prevailed. And it also brings to mind that well-worn cliche of, “the wheel does turn!” Indeed, this wheel did, in many ways, turn, and turn it did! It is said that it is merely a question of time before the wheel does turn, sometimes it will turn fast and sometimes it will turn slowly. For this poor bugger, though, not only did the wheel turn fast, but he had the extreme misfortune to have another few wheels turn over him too!
    And without going into the morality of whether he got his just desserts, of which I’m sure we all have our own notions, yes, Megan, it was a terrible and untimely way to die, but, and here another cliche, but a rather telling one, “if you live by the sword, you will die by the wheel!!” Or some such!
    Makes me think of that lad in Fish Hoek/Kommetjie (??) attacked a guy with his hockey stick………………….????

  2. megan

    I didn’t want to be the one who said it. I actually found the story hilarious. Because it was so truly bizarre.

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