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Khwezi Ninjas

NN by Nicky Newman - WEB-12I had no idea how perfect the timing of Niqabi Ninja was going to be, but on the eve of the announcement of South Africa’s election results, in front of the whole country, four young female ninjas performed a silent, poetic, theatrical protest that was somehow more meaningful than the election results themselves.

Four young women invoked the buried tragedy of Khwezi, Zuma’s rape victim, as he stood behind a podium, oblivious. And then they were violently removed.

In our short run of Niqabi Ninja (a play that deals with sexual harassment and mob rape in Egypt, but reflects on it everywhere in the world) we became more and more aware of how men were largely ignorant of the prevalence and impact of sexual harassment and even rape itself. We realised that all women who ever have to walk somewhere or share public space at some point, have to prepare themselves for the inevitability of harassment. Women are exhausted by the relentlessness of this constant and ubiquitous targeting.

It is Women’s month (hilarious), and Women’s day on Tuesday (a whole day!) and there are programmes and discussions and even adverts about what this means. But those four ninjas ‘said’ it perfectly, and they were shut down immediately. I know for certain that the time is absolutely now for everybody to see and experience our play Niqabi Ninja. I need help to get it out there. Anyone know who can produce a nationwide tour? Every campus, high school, organisation, government building, police station, boardroom needs to host a performance. Now.

Call me with your ideas. 0834403961.

(Above photo by Nicky Newman)



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  1. Claire

    Yesterday as l took a short walk in my neighborhood as l don’t go to the forests in the mountain any liberated the spate of rapes earlier this year, l walked near the railway line and up ahead l could hear a woman wailing and s mans voice interfering intermittently in an accusing tone.

    I scanned ahead causiously trying to find the source of the commotion. Behind a fence, closing off the railway line from the road sat a couple in the bushes on a flattened cardboard box engaging in an interaction that was clearly abusive from the mans side. This, on the eve of Womans Day made my heart sore so l walked up to them and said “excuse me, it is woman’s day tomorrow and you are abusing this woman, please stop!” The guy who looked like a bit of a gangster barely glanced at me but continued. I got a little nervous that he might have a gun as he was digging in his pockets wanting a light for a cigarette dangling out the corner of his mouth. He clearly was enjoying the pain he was putting the woman through.

    He was accusing her of getting money from a friend of his for favors and not giving it to him. She was traumatized and besid e herself trying to tell him he was wrong and lying. She had done nothing of the sort and had no gotten money for anything. She had turned her pockets out completely under the bushes and all there was were crushed cigarettes and tissues.

    I stood a bit longer as they scrambled to father their meager pockets full and headed off down the tracks. As l walked away l thought l hope they get off the tracks because surely the train will come along at some point.

    As l turned the corner on the next block, the train came flying by, l stopped and waited to see if it needed to slow listening for the people in case they didn’t get out of the way in time.

    So to Woman all over the world today, stop to think why there are men who treat woman badly and why we accept it. It’s it time to stand strong like those four woman on that stage this week, speaking out a silent protest against abuse. Abuse not just of our physicality, but of our emotions, our spirit and our rights as procreators and creators of our world.


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