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Kissed By Brel revisited

Last night we went to see the final performance of the latest run of Kissed By Brel at The Masque in Muizenberg. It’s been almost exactly a year since I first saw the show and wrote about it here on megan’s head. Claire Watling and accompanist Godfrey Johnson have only improved what was an already fantastic, award winning piece of cabaret/theatre. Jacques Brel would be very proud of how they perform his amazing songs.

I don’t know what it is about Claire but from the moment she opened her mouth she had me in heart wrenching, back breaking, snot smearing tears. I sobbed my heart out from beginning to end of the show, with a few breathers during the funny songs. And I’ve seen the show before!

The Masque is a weird and old fashioned pros-arch venue, making it a bit formal for audience and performer. It also attracts a very particular kind of somebody, particularly for the 6.15pm show on a Saturday. Many Brel Grannies were in the audience, paying homage to Brel. I am certain they found some of Claire’s emotional stuff a little hard going. What do I care? I loved it. I wept.


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  1. The Saint

    Sorry here I have to disagree with you. If I had to vote for the worst show I saw in 2007, this would come very close and the only thing that may save it, would be Godfrey’s playing. Claire Watling was terrible – badly dressed [just didn’t suit her darling], stiff and wooden, forced. I know I am probably one of three out of lots who think this but no, it can and has and will be done much better.

  2. megan

    As Sharon says, “Another man’s goose and all that”. Hey? Hey?

  3. Joffree

    I liked it……

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