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kitty news

Just to say, we don’t have a kitty yet. we were both too emotional and tired yesterday. I think we’ll wait a few days and then go off to D.A.R.G to choose one. But a teeny piece of ‘good news’ is that one of the dogs, we have no idea how, left a small, dead, slightly squished and damp mouse for Big Friendly to pick up near our bedroom door when we came home last night.


Kissed By Brel revisited


Interweb love

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  1. Tante B

    What’s up Pussycat? You,re becoming positively maudlin! You’re supposed to be a hardnosed reviewer and yet just about everything you’ve seen lately has been “brilliant” “sobbing with laughter” and other expressions of high praise
    Everything is really so good that it makes you cry? If I didn’t know you better I’d think that you were crying in your cups. What regrets can you have that can’t be remedied? Life hasn’t passed you by. Weep no mor fair lady, your life is still ahead of you , the best is yet to come. But from one who has paid her dues…. I know got to aspire and WORK hard for what you want. So define what you want and go for it!

    Jacque (?) Brel was a year younger than me. Too sad for me – even when I don’t understand what he is singing about.

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