I have arrived, exhausted but inspired, at the end of two intensive weekends of running the TheatreSports course. It was a very interesting little group, that was challenging and complicated and hilarious. As always, I learn so much, about individuals, group dynamics, the power of improvisation, myself as a teacher and leader, and of course the unexpected learning that laughter brings. This time, however, I learnt the most from a young lady participant who is in matric at school. Normally I don’t let school learners do the course; I insist that they are done with school first, but I made an exception with this person because I have a special connection to her, too complicated to write about here.

In our daily chat and catch up/wrap up as I gave her a lift home she would leave me with little insights, perceptions and gems of thought that stayed with me long after anything else. She is an amazing somebody, who completely managed with a group of people way older than her, and she had a totally generous and positive spirit that coloured everything she did. So, this note is to thank her, for making my teaching a real learning too.