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Let Madiba Rest

Dear World

Please leave Madiba alone. Yes, everybody loves him. Yes, everybody is terrified of losing him. Yes, the idea of Mandela, one of the world’s greatest heroes, not being around is unthinkable, but it’s not fair, or kind or respectful anymore.

To those friends and family clamouring to get a last look at him, please think about whether you are doing it for him or for you. For the politicians and members of the ANC who are still trying to get an endorsement, ask for forgiveness, or are even hoping to have some of that special magic rub off, you are too late. That Mandela has left the building. This one is a tired, sick (if not good humoured) old man. Let him rest.

To the paparazzi: Give it up. For once do the right thing and stop hanging around so that you can be the first to deliver news that nobody wants to hear. Piss off. To all media, stop repeating a litany of non-news supported by pictures of gates, or doors, or cars.

To everyone else; remember the man for what he did, not what he has become, and allow that image to make you do good, be better and strive for what you believe in. He can’t do it for you. Yes, send him love and good wishes, but not in the hope that he will live longer for us, but that he will do what is most needed on his journey. Honour him by remembering what he stood for , fought for, lived for and achieved.

Please, leave our hero Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela in peace.


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  1. Simon Cooper

    Once, I was in the same room as Madiba – he spoke at a dinner that I was invited to. He was double booked that night so he came in late. The moment he did the magnetism as apparent and real. He hasn’t lost that – in fact he is who he has always been but frailer, that’s all. The man is [nb the tense] one of the last [if not the last] true statesmen who stand astride our world. So-called world leaders like Cameron and Obama pale is his shadow – they are politicians not statesmen. I for one am appalled by the unruly scrum of scavengers now surrounding this story. Let’s all take a leaf and deal with this in a respectful and dignified way.

  2. Robyn Sacks

    Megan, Thank you!!! Thats how so many of us feel …. Let the poor man rest in peace and lets be respectful … for goodness sake doesn’t he deserve at least that ? But they are all just clamouring to get a last little piece of him. I am so tired of hearing who is coming in and out of his gates and that he is in good spirits… over and over on talk radio … come on…. let it go and let the man who has opened up the world for us South Africans be with his family and loved ones! … ps … send your letter to the Argus!!!

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