cv_soli I’m having a week of radio stuff. Today I am marching off to the Cape Talk studio to have a chat with Soli Philander about stuff, mainly theatre reviews and blogging. I love chatting to Soli. I don’t know if anyone remembers the last time Soli had a show on 567 Cape Talk, I would join him on a Friday arvie for Meg’s Moan In, where I would complain bitterly about all sorts of things. A lot like, this blog actually. So if you’re near a radio at 14h30, give us a listen.

I love talk radio as well. I don’t know if anyone listened to the Cape Talk drive on Monday to raise money to feed and care for orphans? They raised a whopping three and a half million Rand! Children phoned in to pledge pocket money, grannies called in to give their few Rands worth. I wept. Capetonians can be amazing!