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Linus the Magnificent and Frieda the Supermodel

Dear Cape of Good Hope SPCA

This is an open letter to you, to let you know of the developments in our home ever since yesterday, when we saw that Frieda had been chosen as a finalist in the most prestigious Mutt of 2013. Obviously, we were delighted. And then we looked for Linus’s name amongst the finalists. Nope. Nothing. Things were about to get hectic. We gently broke the news to them. Frieda immediately jumped on the couch and started throwing the cushions around and burying her nose in the crack at the back, with her bum and exquisite tail in the air.

Unfortunately Linus has been acting up ever since. All he wants to do is eat. We think it’s comfort eating. He feels so bad he has even tried to eat poo in the park again. He runs through grass with his mouth open, to catch a blade to chew on. He looks on with disgust as Frieda flies gracefully through the air to catch balls. He sleeps a lot. Ok, so does she, but we know she needs her beauty sleep.

What should we do to restore his confidence? How can we show him that he is as special as his sister, just, not as photogenic?

I felt compelled to write so you could be filled in on the details.

Dog besotted



Let’s be honest


Klezmer in Cape Town

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  1. Astrid Stark

    Open letter to Linus:
    Dear Linus. Ok Frieda is kinda cute and the camera kinda favoures her golden locks (bitch)ah just kiddin’. Yeah buddy I read on the multiple animal rescue centre blogs that I follow that black dogs are the last to be rescued.Yeah, racism pervades even us furry ones. Life sucks. Well not really. I have inside information. For example you mum is delighted that darling Frieda has made the finalist Mutt of the whatever awards. You and me both know she doesn’t give a hoot about that (although I saw her heart swell with pride as if she gave birth to Frieda herself), ya like that is possible. Bottom line. It is a kinda Freudian thing Linus. Her internal motherly energy is concentrating on the external virtues of Frieda. Way I see it you should rather follow Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. Bottom line. You got food, shelter, love, peculiar habits like eating pooh – the world is at your feet darling. Now, like Pinky and the Brain – just take over the world. Love and supaw

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