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Living Proof

My best friend in the world came to visit for one night last night (she lives in Aussieland) and she got to see Songs of Hangings and Redemption. She is more obsessed with Springsteen than I could ever be, has a musical appreciation that is vast, layered and eccentric, and she loved the show. I am so glad she got a miracle chance to see it. When we were rehearsing she was constantly on my mind. It has been amazing, actually. We have had absolutely no publicity for the show and had to rely entirely on good reviews and word of mouth to spread the word. And it has worked. People are trickling in after being sent by friends or a good word in the press. And they are loving it. Yay.

PS. Only tonight and tomorrow left, for those interested.


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  1. Godfrey

    I went to se Songs of Hangings and Redemption last night – it was brilliant – than you!

  2. megan

    Yay. Thank YOU. And appologies to Luke for shocking maths skills!

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