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Me and my big mouth

So everybody knows that on a Monday night we perform TheatreSports at the Intimate Theatre. we’ve been there (with varying degrees of success) since March and hope and intend to be there indefinitely. The space is fantastic for small, intimate shows and lots of simple shows do runs there. It’s a pain in the bum for all that sets and stuff need to be moved to accommodate our Monday night performances but it is always a negotiated settlement. “Ja! leave your curtain up and we’ll find a way of using it.” “We promise we won’t refocus the lights!” etc. It’s the same at The Kalk Bay Theatre too. That’s how it is.

We are an easy bunch to accommodate. We improvise. We make a plan. We can do TheatreSports pretty much anywhere, any time. So when a group of theatre makers pulls in with hard core attitude and then behaves like pigs, it sticks in the throat. And leaves a shit taste there too. I don’t get it. And the worst part is, I am a potential target audience. No, more than that. I am a committed supporter. I try to see as much as I possibly can. And now I really don’t feel like going. I’m just not feeling very generous towards this show even though I have only heard great things about it. A case of biting the hand that feeds? And let’s face it, we’re all a pretty ravenous bunch.


Please let it be not the actual end


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