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Megan’s Head – back in action

Some of you will know a little, or a lot, about what this last week has been like for me. I am not going to go into it here. I still want to leave the comments open, and if I go there I will invite more than the usual regular trolls. Instead I want to write about a direct consequence of the whole ugly business.

Megan’s Head, this blog, this space this voice, which has been soft and scarce and shy and self-conscious for too long is coming back. Suddenly I have lost what made me not write. I am raring to go. I will say what I feel and think, and stand by it. I will bring my voice back into this space to write my strong opinions, and I will debate and respond and take criticism and hear your voices too. This blog is so important to me. It is an important place for me to be bold and clear and fearless about things. Part of that will be me criticising things. I welcome your divergences. Let’s keep everything out there. Let’s make sure there are no cows too sacred to mention. I am not afraid of those in power.


The Big Fat Cape Town Fringe Festival Elephant in the Room


I Could Go On


  1. i think this is a good thing – i have been a big fan of Megan’s head over the years and look forward to some of those cows being “thrown on the barbie”…

  2. Simon Cooper

    Not a minute too soon and still think you should resume criting plays.

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